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Coming this May 6-7, 2023, Auto Profit Masters is hosting a one-of-a-kind training summit in Denver, CO, designed to strengthen every area of your operation simultaneously toward a single goal: building a stronger, happier, more efficient team!

During this two-day, highly-exclusive event, technicians, advisors and owners will receive top-tier training from the nation’s leading auto repair industry experts.

With classes on cutting-edge diagnostics tools, processes and techniques, technicians who attend the Team Development Summit will learn the skills needed to cut diagnostics time, improve diagnostics accuracy, learn real-world diagnostics routes, and hands-on training with diagnostics tools. Technician scholarships are available!

Service Advisors who attend the Team Development Summit will get a deep dive on how to monitor and manage a repair shop from a General Manager of a shop doing over $4 million with five techs in a low-stress, low-chaos environment. Learn the techniques for measuring true daily production and employee productivity in minutes per day so that you can keep the shop productive without sacrificing thorough estimates or exceptional customer service. Also, be sure to join us for a Question and Answer session with top owners, operators, managers and advisors from all over North America on the Key Performance Indicators your shop needs to focus on today!

In addition to the technical diagnostics training available, shop owners who attend the Team Development Summit will also be able to attend classes on how to advertise your shop effectively to drive high quality customers who are ready to buy, as well as how turn their operation into a pipeline for developing successful leaders and top-tier technicians.

Even though the industry has a technician shortage of over 600,000, David Rogers has been able to keep his shop full of happy, productive, satisfied, successful technicians because of the development pipeline he’s implemented combined with his unique approach to leading and managing teams of high-performing professionals and the marketing strategies he uses to keep the bays full of high quality customers. Learn how to build a culture that encourages success, teaching, learning, and winning – and how to build a team that loves working for you so much they hope to retire with you someday.

Shop owners that bring their entire team to this event are helping to build a team that wants to retire with them someday! Auto Profit Masters has been helping shop owners build winning cultures that lift up their employees and customers for more than two decades, and we’re proud that the training lineup we’ve assembled will help every employee in the shop grow and succeed at the same time!

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